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This article was originally published on AdExchanger. Though Facebook has only recently come under fire for fake user profiles on its platform, the problem of fake profile data has long plagued programmatic media trading. Lotame, for example, recently purged more than 400 million user profiles after identifying them as bots. The problem is so profound in programmatic that some research has even shown that targeting users

This article was originally published on AdExchanger. The average page load on an ad-supported website includes 172 network requests just for advertising, according to recent research. That’s 172 opportunities for a publisher’s audience data to be collected, stored and re-monetized by other partners every time a page displays. The rise of header bidding has only made this data leakage worse. One agency buyer recently

This article was originally published on AdExchanger. The ad tech LUMAscape has long been contracting, but one categorical staple of the cluttered landscape is now in danger of disappearing entirely. The supply-side platform (SSP) was once the only way for a publisher to access the open auction engine and connect to demand-side platforms (DSPs). But SSPs haven't been evolving fast enough to