A New Direction for  Advertising

Introducing Rebel AI Compass, the platform that centralizes first-party data ingestion, omnichannel media buying, and reporting visualization. Sign up now for a demo. 

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Bring your data & media buying strategy in-house


Instant Data Platform

With our custom pixel and event integration, you can manage your own first-party data ingestion, monitor ad attribution, and comply with global privacy laws. You'll be able to discover insights in the platform on Day 1.

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In-House Media Buying

Compass gives you everything you need to start executing media campaigns across digital, CTV, video, and native. Includes Identity-Based Data Activation, Contextual & Audience Targeting, and Closed-Loop Attribution.

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Elegant Reporting Tools

Stop paying extra for data visualization tools. Compass brings all your data, including your first-party and campaign data, into one platform, with beautiful charts for every metric and dimension, and easily exportable reports.

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See it in action

Compass gives you all the power you need to run your data and media business in one simple platform. 

Run a Compass Campaign

1. Launch
Get your campaign going in minutes by setting up your targeting parameters and buying strategies.
2. Optimize
Use our powerful reporting tools and attribution pixels to hone in on where the campaign is most successful.
3. Scale
Continue to grow your audiences and find them in new places with our integrated audiences.

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